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Plastic composite pipe, seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe base pipe inner wall coating adhesion, corrosion, food grade hygienic polyethylene powder coating or epoxy coating. Pre-treatment, warm-up, within the coating, leveling, post-processing technology made water supply galvanized plastic composite pipe, the traditional galvanized pipe upgrade products.

Plastic composite pipe is a new composite pipe pipe, a lot of places referred to steel pipe. The steel is a ferrous material; plastic plastic plastic, plastic composite pipe is typically of high density polyethylene (HDPE). There are many

plastic composite pipe classification, can be classified according to the structure of the pipe: steel-reinforced plastic composite pipe, seamless steel pipe reinforced plastic composite pipe, the porous steel strip plastic composite pipe and wire net Framework plastic composite pipe. At present, there is the most popular strip reinforced plastic composite pipe, that is, we often say plastic composite pressure pipe. The middle of the plastic composite

pipe layers of high-carbon steel strip through the curl forming butt welded steel belt layer, the inner and outer layers are high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The middle layer of this pipe steel, pipe pressure performance is very good, unlike aluminum pressure is not high, the maximum diameter of the pipe can only do 63mm steel pipe diameter can be done 200mm or even more; the pipe intermediate layer strip is closed, so this steel-plastic tube and oxygen barrier, can be directly used for direct drinking water project, and the inner and outer layer is a plastic material with excellent corrosion resistance. Excellent performance, steel-plastic composite pipe uses a very wide range of oil, natural gas transportation, mining pipe, water pipes, drains, etc. in various fields can be seen the figure of this tube.

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