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Spiral seam steel pipe spiral pipe production process spiral steel pipe is a strip coil as raw material, often warm extrusion welded on both sides of the automatic double wire submerged arc welding process.
(1) raw materials strip, wire, flux. Input before going through the rigorous physical and chemical test.
(2) strip head and tail docking, single or double wire submerged arc welding, automatic submerged arc welding in the rolled steel. A
(3) before forming the strip after flattening, cutting, trimming, planing, surface transport and to the curved side.
(4) electric contact pressure gauge control to the conveyor cylinder pressure on both sides to ensure that the smooth transfer strip. - (5) external control or internal control roll forming. The weld gap
control device to ensure the weld gap to meet the welding requirements diameter, misalignment and weld gap have been strictly controlled. Within the welding and soldering at
(6) (7) United States Lincoln welding machine, single or double wire submerged arc welding, so as to obtain a stable welding quality. After welding the weld at
(8) line ultrasonic injury examination, to ensure the coverage of non-destructive testing of 100% of the spiral weld. If defective, automatic alarm and spray the tag, production workers so adjusting the process parameters, and remove defects. - (9) air plasma cutting machine pipes into a single root.
(10) cut a single steel, each batch of steel pipe should be carried out strict inspection system, check the weld mechanical properties, chemical composition, fusion status, and the surface quality and after NDT inspection, to ensure the system The pipe process qualified, in order to formally put into production.
(11) marked the site of continuous acoustic flaw detection, weld the of manual ultrasonic and X-ray review, if there are defects after repair again after non-destructive testing, until the confirmation of the defect has been eliminated.
(12) strip butt weld, and intersect with spiral weld small joint where the pipe all through the X-ray television or film examination.
(13) of each pipe hydrostatic test pressure radial seal. The test pressure and the time by the steel pipe pressure microcomputer detection device is strictly controlled. The test parameters are automatically printed record.
(14) pipe end machining, end vertical edge bevel and blunt accurate control.
Spiral steel pipe material Q235A, Q235B, 20 #, Q345 (16Mn), L245 (B), L290 (X42), L320 (X46) L360 (X52) L390 (X56), L415 ( X60), L450 (X65), L485 (X70), L555 (X80) L290NB/MB (X42N / M), L360NB/MB (X52N / M), L390NB/MB (X56N / M), L415NB/MB (X60N / M), L450MB (X65), L485MB (X70), L555MB (X80). The
spiral steel pipe use is mainly used in water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction, is one of the key products of our development of twenty. The liquid

transportation: water supply and drainage. For gas transportation: gas, steam, liquefied petroleum gas. For structural purposes: for piling pipe for bridges; docks, roads, building structure pipe
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