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We always respect the customers of our choice, from a professional point of view of the system to provide full-service technical training, system design, engineering supervision, operation and maintenance, and to develop processes of the following services:
1, after the signing of the contract, the Division I will be the fastest way, in the shortest possible time to ensure delivery. Time and place of the specific delivery time and place specified by the customer, freight and insurance costs borne by our company.
Provide free technical training and technical guidance as well as supporting information.
3, our technical engineers in the field installation instructions and timely processing of product quality problems.
4, the Company’s products, the warranty period of three years and lifetime maintenance.
5, 7 × 24 technical support, ie, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, nationwide service. The opening weather hotline
6 received customer complaints within 4 hours to respond within 24 hours to provide solutions and promptly appoint technical engineers arrived at the scene to deal with.
7, due to product quality problems caused by breakdowns will give free maintenance, replacement. We aspire to in all aspects to achieve excellence, the pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction as the basic norms of our customer service to win the customers’ long-term trust.

Dear Customer, Thank you for your trust in the Ming Hing Building Materials, the company in line with the core values ??of "integrity, scientific, pragmatic, and dedication," and "quality first First, the customer first "principle to you solemnly promise:
1, under normal conditions of use, the company’s nano (modified) polyurethane composite steel service life can be up to 10 years. The quality guarantee period from the date of site acceptance, quality problems within the warranty period by the Division I is responsible for free replacement. 2, If the customer needs in the course of maintenance, I am committed to 24 hours to arrive within a range of 1000 km, 2000 km less than 48 hours to 96 hours to reach the range of 4000 km, and so on.
3 Sales Hotline 0755 -28,834,868 24 hours for your dedicated service!
Our service purpose: to cast the elite team in a first-class practice, to create top brand with excellent products, the development of enterprises, for the benefit of employees, return to the community, and create a better future!

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