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Corporate vision
To build China's most valuable brand building materials chain.
Spirit of enterprise
Integrity, pragmatic, efficient, innovation.
Corporate style
Seriously, fast, commitment.
The purpose of the operation
Integrity and dedication; harmony and win-win.
Sense of team
Everyone vying to be advanced; everything struggle upstream.
Corporate Ethics
Courtesy and honesty, integrity and generosity.

 Integrity, ability and performance will determine the height of the development in the Ming Hing Building Materials Group. Ming Hing Building Materials Group established and continue to improve the qualifications system to regulate the training and selection of talent, motivate employees to continuously improve their job competence, management capability and potential employees smooth growth for managers, but also to devote themselves to study technology staff with technical expertise through their own efforts to develop and grow as a business expert in the field.
Ming Hing Building Materials Group to adapt to the professional development of the employees, the design staff targeted system is sound and all kinds of training, including new employee training, on-the-job training, the development plans.
The company is committed to provide long-term ideal career for every employee. Ming Hing Building Materials Group, the hardworking employees work in addition to the availability of pay and benefits, but also be able to enjoy the training and the opportunity to lay a good foundation for the further development of employee career.
To help new employees understand the company faster, understand and accept the company's code of conduct, to strengthen the company's identity, faith in your career choice, the company has established a comprehensive induction training management system, mainly from the corporate culture, the course of development, regulations system, team building, product knowledge, career-oriented shape, job business skills of new employees comprehensive training programs.
Internal training
In line with the development needs of companies to enhance the ability of individual employees, personal enrichment structure, a year will be consolidated companies and staff training needs to develop training programs, establish a sound internal lecturer and appropriate introduction of external professional trainers, to provide staff a variety of timely, high-quality training courses.
Talks, Sharon
Build a learning organization, learning and development platform for everyone, the company adhere to the principle of inalienable. In addition to providing a variety of training, the company will from time to time to organize various forms of lectures, salon, to everyone learning opportunities for exchanges, employees can choose their own activities according to their own development needs.

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