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Electric melting pipe installation notes

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1, pipeline installation prior to data especially design drawings review, to ensure that manufacturers supply products comply with the design requirements and relevant national, industry standard. If not, especially the pressure levels were not fully understood or not consistent with the circumstances, shall promptly notify the design or production unit, so you can modify.
2, generally speaking, the factory products have strict sealing. When installed, if there is separation, should ensure that the re sealed, avoid wire exposed pipeline life influence. But if the scene is unable with the sealing device can be large, hot melt adhesive strip using the manufacturer (the Costringency a hot melt adhesive and HDPE), blowing hot air machine to cover the cutting part.
3, with a rubber spatula pipe welding surface skin scraping clean, general scrape the depth of 0.2 ~ 0.5mm, fluorescent pipe fittings in the assembly is not easy to plug, may be appropriate to increase the scraping amount; sandpaper grinding inner surface of the pipe welding burnish, grinding depth in order not to hurt and copper coil is appropriate.
4, the multimeter is used to pass a copper coil detection tube whether pathway, if the circuit breaker should be advised to manufacturers, manufacturers will be the immediate replacement. The principle of pipe manufacturers have passed the inspection Strict, but the test is still necessary.
After 5, the pipeline assembly, connector engagement portion should remain relatively stable, if the centralizer is as far as possible the use of centralizer fixed. No centralizer should at least keep with stable support to ensure the welding pipe and fittings will not because of external shift.
6, machine electricity, please make sure the work voltage of welding machine. Generally speaking, the working voltage welding machine manufacturers to provide the 200V and 380V two, can start by electric welding machine after the selection of working voltage, welding machine welding parameter table log should be provided by the manufacturer.
7, welding machine, its construction of special responsible person monitoring welding operation, this is very important, in some sites, construction workers left the work appeared, leading to long time heating pipe and combustion conditions, it should be special attention.
Pipe welder 8, after should ensure that cool completely can force moving, the cooling time is generally 45 to 90 minutes (depending on the outdoor temperature), it is also very important. After cooling, the buried pipe should be partial backfill. But when backfilling pipe joints should avoid backfill, hydraulic pressure tests were performed to facilitate. Hydraulic test required by the design drawings. There is no such as drawings, according to technical standard pipe fitting are. 1.5 times the working pressure strength test, 1.15 times the working pressure tightness.
9, pressure test, in accordance with the "buried pipeline steel mesh skeleton plastic (polyethylene) technical specification" composite pipeline of backfilling, ultra ground pipeline installation re check the support spacing is consistent with the specification requirements, bracket installation is stable and reliable.
10, steel mesh skeleton plastic (polyethylene) other technical requirements for composite pipe installation see "wire mesh frame plastic (polyethylene) technique for composite pipe" (CECS181-2005) implementation and related national industry standard. Can also be controlled design installation manual.

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